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We can provide you with the complete range of new supply in the field of loose fire fighting and lifesaving equipment - WORLDWIDE. We deliver certified equipment, approved by SOLAS.

Since 1992 our office - with work shop - is fitted to handle the daily business. We can offer guidance and support with planning and fulfilling of your orders concerning New Buildings - as turnkey projects. Mounting and installing of all loose equipment in association with yards, owners and classification societies. By following our philosophy ALL WE SELL WE CAN SERVICE we introduce our work shops to you in Bremerhaven and Hamburg. We are able to solve problems throughout the world by OUR OWN SERVICE MANAGEMENT which is settled in Bremerhaven.

To service your equipment our fully trained employees are working 24/7 and they service not only portable extinguisher, fixed fire fighting systems and breathing air apparatus. They are also able to inspect liferafts, portable gas detection units, immersion suits, life jackets and gas-tight chemical suits from different makers. To fulfill the rules from the classification societies we are approved by them.

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We arrange various services and supplies worldwide for fire fighting and life saving equipment.

We service the follwing equipment

• Fire Extinguishers, portable and wheeled
• High pressure C0-2 installations
• Low pressure C0-2 installations
• FM 200 installations
• Foam installations
• Water Mist installations
• Portable Gas detectors
• Stationary Gas detection installations
• Breathing Air Apparatus and Compressors
• Emergency Escape Breathing Devices -EEBD-
• Liferafts and Immersion Suits
• Inflatable Lifejackets
• Gas Tight and Chemical Suits
• Personal Safety Equipment


We offer the complete range of sales and service of sea rescue and distress equipment (SOLAS range). The offered products and services are characterized by high quality and longevity and are accompanied by the corresponding certificates. We offer consultation and support the planning and implementation of your projects all over the world. All products we sell we can service.

liferafts and Rescue Equipment

We offer sales and service for the following manufacturers of liferafts:
• Youlong
• SeaCurity

We offer sales and service for breathing apparatuses and for EEBDs of several manufacturers. Also we have pyrotechnics and distress signals on stock.

fire extinquishers and equipment

We are the regional sales office for ABS fire extinguishers and offer the complete range of portable and wheeled type, permanent pressure and rechargeable type, with foam, water, powder or CO2. We also offer hoses, couplings, heat protection suit and firefighting suits.

Immersion suits and Lifejackets

We offer sales and service for several manufacturers, e.g. Besto life jackets and Rongsheng immersion suits.

Gas Detection

We offer sales and service of several various manufacturers for portable gas detectors. We also offer related products like gas tight suits and chemical suits.


We offer products for navigation and nautical needs, e.g. navigation lights, barometer, thermometer, smoke detectors and other related items. We also offer spare parts for firefighting plants and smoke detection systems. We are nominated spare part agents for manufacturers NK-Fire and Seaplus.

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